In a few words
With nearly two decades of expertise, I've seamlessly merged legal precision with business insight, navigating a vast spectrum of cases spanning industries, borders, and roles. From strategy development and due diligence to dispute resolution and relationship building, acting as a solo adviser and as a temporary member of a team.

I excel at multitasking without losing focus and at navigating complexities without adding to them.

My clients commend my exceptional listening skills, my talent for identifying and structuring intricate problems, and my creative prowess in devising innovative yet pragmatic solutions.
My domains of expertise
Defining challenges, crafting precise solutions.
IP strategy consulting
Your industry, market, business model, unique selling proposition (USP), and customer preferences are the key elements shaping your IP strategy. By delving deep into these aspects, I uncover the defining factors that set your company apart.

Understanding the intricate connection between your business and intellectual property, I assist you in formulating a purpose-driven IP strategy. By addressing vital questions about your industry, market positioning, competitive landscape, and customer preferences, I craft a tailored approach that aligns seamlessly with your company's objectives.

Securing IP rights
As a European Trademark and Design Attorney (and Latvian Patent and Trademark Attorney), I am dedicated to translating your unique intellectual property strategy goals into tangible, legal realities for your company.

From comprehensive searches to meticulous application filings, and from crafting robust contracts to delivering impactful cease-and-desist letters, I offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to safeguard your intellectual assets.
IP dispute resolution
Imagine having someone by your side who not only understands the complexities of intellectual property disputes but also knows how to turn conflicts into opportunities. My experience in mediating Intellectual Property and Art cases, especially in copyright and licensing matters, equips me to help you navigate these challenges.

Whether you need authoritative decisions through expert determination, the gentle guidance of mediation, or strategic advice to navigate tricky negotiations, I've got you covered.
Training and coaching on IP
I specialize in demystifying the complexities of Intellectual Property, dispute resolution, and risk management, ensuring that even the most intricate concepts are communicated in a language that resonates with everyone. Picture engaging sessions where I not only impart knowledge but also foster a deep understanding of IP, making it accessible and relatable to all team members.

Through interactive team meetings and dynamic team-building activities, I bring a heightened awareness of Intellectual Property to the forefront. Imagine a space where your team not only learns about IP but also embraces it as an integral part of their professional journey.
Are you ready to transform your ideas into assets and unlock the full potential of your business with confidence and clarity?
"This is the book you want to read BEFORE you contact an IP expert"

"The book is aimed at economic decision-makers and shows the possibilities of using IP as a tool for innovation success. It is not so much about legal details as it is about the economic-strategic contexts and considerations that one should make in order to benefit from investing in IP. The book is intended as a practical handout and assistance with simple and clear language and many examples."

"The author understands how to describe very complex issues in a clear and comprehensible way. She formulates without embellishments, straightforwardly concise."

"The author always pursues a business perspective, looking for the useful, the practical and the concrete."

Book can be purchased at Amazon marketplace of your choice: and others.

Intellectual Property
The Key to Your Competitive Advantage
Why choose me?
Because I deliver what I promise. Always and on time.
±20 years of very diverse experience
LL.M, MBA, and a wealth of diverse expertise—a strong, versatile generalist.
International and culturally aware
Lived in 4 countries, speak 5 languages, studied with 22 nationalities, worked with clients in 17 countries—real cultural awareness, not just a claim.
Equipped with special super-powers
My superpowers: listening, negotiation, and transforming complexity into compelling narratives.
What can you expect from working with me?
  • Transparency in process, timely results, and unwavering reliability.
    No delays, no excuses—just results as promised.
  • Uncompromising thoroughness and tailored solutions.
    No shortcuts, no copy-paste—only genuine, bespoke approach.
  • Clear communication and proactive problem-solving.
    Swift responses, proactive solutions—ensuring your peace of mind throughout the entire process.
What those who worked with me say:

Ricardo Cali
IP Management expert, Account manager at Questel
Maria is a highly professional and high-performing individual with an astute understanding of business and legal intricacies. Her specialization in art law distinguishes her within the intellectual property landscape, showcasing a unique blend of legal acumen and cultural appreciation. Moreover, Maria is a skilled professional mediator and coach, adept at resolving conflicts and guiding teams towards collaborative success.

Her insights into complex legal topics are not just academic but strategically aligned with organizational goals. This makes her a valuable asset in any intellectual property or legal framework. What sets Maria apart is her meticulous work ethic.

She couples this with a sharp intellect and analytical prowess, making her a complete package in the field of Intellectual Property Management.

Irina Olevska
Founder at, Attorney-at-law, Art lawyer
I know Maria for over 15 years amongst others as a bright, resourceful and highly efficient lawyer in the field of intellectual property protection. Knowing her ability to structure complicated issues and see the core of the matter, this year I have invited her to become one of the contributing authors on the platform. I am truly glad Maria accepted this challenge. She is now regularly writing captivating and thought-provoking articles for the platform, raising sometimes really difficult questions and highlighting legal dilemmas. The combination of her solid legal knowledge and her ability to communicate that knowledge in a simple and understandable way makes her a truly great author to work with. Not to forget that if Maria promised to deliver something, one can be sure she will: on time and at the highest professional level.

Sebastiaan de Voogd
Co-Founder at Sustainability Partner
Imagine working on IP with someone you can trust, who listens more and understands faster than most, but isn't afraid to take the time to challenge you. Maria's proactiveness is mind-blowing and her positive attitude contagious. Not only would I recommend Maria, but I’m also looking forward to working with her again.

Galina Sokolova
Leadership and Career Coach
Maria is a highly skilled and creative professional with a rare ability to tackle the most sensitive and complex issues with focus, clarity and depth. She has a unique voice which is both powerful and compassionate. Maria's strength is in inspiring people by her own example as well as helping "unpack" confusing emotions, ideas and beliefs that may stand in the way of growth.

Andrejs Sabluks
Chairman of the Board at Opticom
I can highly recommend Maria. Knowing her as an experienced lawyer and creative person I have invited her to participate in forming marketing materials for one of my projects. Maria was amazingly quick at getting to the very essence of products and ideas, despite having no practical background in the field of specific financial products our company works with. From my own experience in this project, I know Maria provides the result not only in high quality but also with remarkable speed. So big thanks for that, Maria!

Armands Sterns
Marketing professional
As a marketer, I have the pleasure to be in Maria’s client position almost for several years and I am still impressed by Maria’s ability to handle efficiently tasks that require excellence, dedication and integrity even in the toughest business cases. She is a proactive and professional contributor who would make a great addition to any goal-orientated team or project. Maria earns my highest recommendation for responsible roles as a Strategist, Mediator, Conflict Manager and Intellectual Property Rights professional.
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