IP Bootcamp
where the synergy of expertise elevates your intellectual property pursuits
Imagine an exclusive IP discovery journey that goes beyond the ordinary. Join a carefully selected cohort of peers, navigating complexities together with the expert guidance of a top-tier IP professional. This is more than a learning experience; it's a transformative pathway into the intricate world of IP—an exclusive opportunity to gain personalized insights and advice, reshape your approach, and position yourself for the success you genuinely deserve. Are you ready to elevate your strategy and excel in the realm of intellectual property?
Why this Bootcamp?
Exclusive Webinars
Gain profound insights in two meticulously crafted webinars – the first delving into the fundamentals of IP rights and the second exploring the fundamentals of IP strategy, addressing your specific queries and ensuring personalized guidance.
Interactive Group Chat
Forge meaningful connections with like-minded peers in our dedicated group chat. Engage in vibrant discussions, pose questions, and witness firsthand the power of collaborative learning.
Enjoy a one-month opportunity to directly interact with Maria Boicova-Wynants, who will personally respond to your questions, providing tailored advice to propel your IP strategy efforts.
Networking Opportunities
Connect with other participants, forming a tight-knit community of innovative minds. Share experiences, insights, and potentially explore collaborations that extend beyond the program.
Superior Support for Start-ups
Tailored for start-ups, this bootcamp ensures a focused and supportive environment. Small group dynamics (max.10 participants) foster personalized attention and a conducive setting for accelerating your IP strategy.
Post-Program Connectivity
While Maria's active participation lasts for one month, the connections forged within the group endure. Stay connected with fellow participants, creating an enduring support network for ongoing success.
About the mentor
With nearly two decades of expertise in Intellectual Property law and strategy, complemented by proficiency in risk management, coaching, mediation, and data privacy, alongside holding MBA and LL.M. degrees, Maria excels in swiftly dissecting the core of any issue, adeptly navigating the expansive landscape, and consistently delivering on promises. She not only hears your words but understands their depth, ensuring conversations are more than replies—they're meaningful interactions.
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Who will benefit most?
Innovative Start-ups
Tailored for dynamic start-ups seeking to establish a robust foundation for their intellectual property. This mastermind offers a unique chance to leverage strategic insights and personal guidance, setting the stage for their innovative ventures.
Forward-Thinking SMEs
Ideal for small and medium enterprises aiming to elevate their IP strategies. Join a curated cohort to navigate complexities collectively, tapping into personalized expertise to propel your intellectual property to new levels of success.
Emerging Entrepreneurs
Geared towards budding entrepreneurs navigating the intricate world of intellectual property. This mastermind provides a transformative pathway, offering not just knowledge but direct access to seasoned guidance for those ready to reshape their approach and secure the success they aspire to achieve.
Next start:
in the 3rd quarter of 2024
(exact dates to be announced)
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What to expect?
  • 1
    Kick-off Webinar: Understanding IP Basics
    • Overview of Protection Types: A comprehensive webinar offering insights into various types of intellectual property protection.
    • Interactive Q&A Session: Dive deeper with an additional time dedicated to addressing specific questions from participants.
  • 2
    Second Webinar: IP Strategy Unveiled
    • Strategic Foundations: A webinar guiding participants on where to start, crucial attention points, and actionable steps in developing a robust IP strategy.
    • Live Q&A Interaction: Engage in an extended session for personalized strategy discussions and answers to your specific queries.
  • 3
    Comprehensive Materials: PowerPoints and Session Notes
    • Visual Aids: Receive detailed presentation materials, enhancing your understanding of key concepts.
    • Session Notes: Access comprehensive notes summarizing key takeaways, ensuring a valuable reference tool.
  • 4
    Dedicated Networking Group
    • Dynamic Connections: Join a private group for networking with peers, fostering meaningful connections beyond the program.
    • Ongoing Support: For one month, actively engage with Maria as she addresses your queries within the group, creating a collaborative space for learning and support.
  • 5
    Post-Program Advantages
    • Extended Networking: Participants have the choice to stay connected beyond the one-month period, fostering a lasting support network for continued growth and collaboration.
    • Exclusive Service Fee Discount: As a post-program benefit, participants enjoy a special 10% discount on Maria's service fee for any future consultations within a year after completing the program, providing ongoing support for their evolving intellectual property needs.
  • 6
    Exclusive Participant Resources
    • Curated Reading List: Access a selection of recommended readings and resources to deepen your understanding of intellectual property.
    • Toolkits: Receive practical toolkits designed to assist in the application of IP concepts to real-world scenarios.
IP Bootcamp
Seize the Momentum: Transform Your Strategy Today for Unrivaled Benefits Tomorrow.
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